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Dan and Linda, Upper Tampa Bay

Posted by derick on April 10, 2016

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 The happy couple!

 There’s nothing like getting a happy couple out for a nice day kayak fishing the flats of Florida. Beautiful scenery, fresh air and perfect temps make for some of the best attractions Tampa Bay offers. Just ask Daniel C. and his girlfriend, Linda who took advantage of that on a special birthday fishing charter for her.

 Daniel is an accomplished kayak fishing angler, and fellow Hardcore Kayak Anglers member, but Linda had a different story. This was her first time fishing from a kayak, so being considered a “newbie” a little special care was needed. After teaching her some paddling techniques, we began our journey. (Did I mention it was really windy?)

  After a little adjusting, Linda was off and ready to slay some fish!

 Daniel had his own kayak and worked most of the oyster bars and mangroves. At our first stop he lands a small Flounder and Linda comes up short.

 On to next hole.

 There, Linda quickly got a follow all the way to the boat by another Flounder but no take. So far Dan 1, Linda 0.

 Her luck quickly changed as she began to catch fish after fish, species after species, and a surprise monster Pinfish that I thought was a Mangrove Snapper! Biggest one I’ve ever seen caught on one of my charters in the flats!

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Linda and her  monsterous Pinfish!

 Dan didn’t come out empty handed, although Linda had the upper hand that day (Sorry Dan!). He definitely got some rod bending action as well.

 Mangrove Snapper, Sheepshead, Pinfish and Catfish kept them busy for hours and began to slow down towards the end of the trip. Perfect timing in my book and another great day for PFKC as well! The couple went home happy, and best of all, with great memories!

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Derick Burgos