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Dan P. Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Trip Day 2

Posted by derick on April 3, 2016


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 Day 2 with Dan P. and this time he brought his wife to join in on the fun. After catching Snook and Redfish on the fly on our last trip, he was determined to complete an unofficial inshore slam so Trout was on the menu.

 The tide was incoming the majority of the trip and was slow on the bite making it a tough morning. Once the fog lifted and the Sun came out, everything changed. The bay came to life as we saw the birds begin to dive, Mullet jumping, Dolphins feeding and even a couple of Sea Turtles but best of all we saw bait!

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 After a tough morning with only a few Catfish, we moved on to the mangroves. Instantly, we saw several Redfish and Snook over 36” that Dan strategically placed his Seaducer in front of but got rejected. This went on for a while with only one follow but no takers so we continued our search for Trout. Didn’t take long before Dan’s’ fly rod doubled as he hauled in his first Speckled Trout of the trip. Moments later, his wife was on, then Dan again. This went on and on for the rest of their trip as they caught Trout and Ladyfish which Dan found very exciting.

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 The day ended with smiles as the Print couple walked away knowing they had made the wise decision to book a kayak fishing charter in Tampa Bay. Not only will they go home with pictures, they will be going home with memories.


Derick Burgos