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Monster Tampa Bay Snook

Posted by derick on April 27, 2016


 I was finally able to land my first trophy Snook of the year today. I had been working at it all week losing 2 really good fish (and 2 really good Dawgwalkers) but not today! 

 Today was a different story. I called my buddy Pam to see if she wanted to accompany me on a scouting trip for a school of Redfish I had heard about. Plans quickly changed as I was able to land this Behemoth Snook moments after we began fishing. 

File Apr 27, 4 54 28 PM.jpeg

 What a fight! I was able to fool the Snook into slurping the Unfair Lures Dawgwalker in Redfish by tossing it right in her mouth as she laid on a shallow oyster bed. 

File Apr 27, 4 55 05 PM.jpg

 At first I thought she was a big Redfish by the way it ran taking almost all of my Fins braided line with it! Snook are known to be very acrobatic but not this one. This fish just ran like a freight train across the flat into the thickest mangrove shoreline she could find. I had to quickly dropped my rod tip in the water to keep the line below the bushes keeping her from breaking me off.

 After about 10 minutes, the 41" Mama Snook gave up and decided to allow me to take a few photos before sending her on her way. 

File Apr 27, 4 56 33 PM.jpg

 Throughout the day, Pam and I had fun catching Trout, Catfish and I even had a nice Tarpon come off the hook but we never saw the school of Redfish. Tomorrow may be a different story. You never know what you can catch while fishing the flats of Tampa Bay!




Derick Burgos