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Sundown Adventure with Justin Z.- Ruskin

Posted by derick on July 7, 2016

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"Mouth full of  Rip-n-Slash. So Unfair!"

 Got Justin Z. out for a quick sundown adventure that was interrupted by storms but not before some good old Tampa Bay action! 

 Justin is some what of a simple man. Hard working 9-5 mechanic from Dallas, Tx. (Shout out!)  He fishes when he gets a chance, reads about his passion, attends seminars and simply catches fish. Well, Justin decided to break away from the everyday corporate life and booked a 4 day adventure in our lovely state of Florida! 

 I had the pleasure of taking him out for a sundown adventure to fish the backwaters of Tampa Bay in search of Tarpon. The tide was predicted to fall almost 3'. Just enough to flush some of these out of the mangroves and into deeper holes. 

 The bite was a little slow to start. It wasn't until after the first hour that we saw our first Tarpon roll. Several casts and nothing so we moved on. Moments later we found another small pod but these seemed to be feeding. All it took was 2 casts and BAM, fish hit it, ran and gone... Justin got to feel the powerful punch and was hooked. We played with that pod until they moved towards a small feeder creek and deep into to the mangrove jungle!

 We couldn't find any more Tarpon after that and the storm was approaching. We had paddled a ways so we started back slowly and with enough effort for Justin to land his first Tampa Bay Redfish an lost several Snook! I couldn't quite get him to stop the "Bass" hookset but at least he tried. It can be a huge transition for some but like everything else, it gets better with practice.

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"Nice job on your first Redfish, Bud!"

 Wasn't long after that a lightning strike sent us running (ok paddling) back to the launch. Justin had a great day and learned a lot about fishing in Tampa Bay and will be booking again for next year! 

 Tight lines!


Derick Burgos