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Tampa Bay Tarpon and Redfish On The Fly

Posted by derick on June 29, 2016

 Yesterday was a pretty nice day for fly fishing the South Shore of Tampa Bay. The water has finally settled leaving many areas much cleaner and the water clarity better since the storm.

 My fishing buddy Pam and I fished the early morning incoming tide which was best for Tarpon, Shark and Ladyfish. Before long we were 1 for 3 on the Tarpon. I got one to eat a black and purple Gangster Gurgler striped slowly with long pauses. Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the video footage I wanted but I did get this nice still with my Iphone.

File Jun 29, 9 02 28 AM.jpg

 Once the tide came in, the bite stopped. Pam continued to wrestle with Sharks as I continued to give the Tarpon another shot.

 As soon as the tide shifted, the Bay began to bounce back in to life. We saw huge mullet schools go crazy. Ladyfish and Jacks scramble the surface then bam, Pam breaks the ice with a nice Redfish. The Tarpon had a different idea. As the tide shifted and everything else got happy, they got lock jaw! That forced me to switch gears and target the mangroves for a Redfish. Glad I did because that's just what I got! I was able to sight cast an EP baitfish pattern right into this nice 26.5"er's mouth.

File Jun 29, 8 58 21 AM.jpg

File Jun 29, 8 58 03 AM.jpg

File Jun 29, 9 01 08 AM.jpg

 Shortly after that I packed it in and headed back to launch but not before losing  2 decent Snook to the mangroves. All together the day was not bad at all and I was able to successfully get my fly rod fix. All flies were tied by myself using materials purchased at Tampa Bay On The Fly. They are located at 3625 S Manhattan Ave Tampa, FL 33629. Directly next door to Minnows and Monsters, another one of my supporters I get my tackle and repairs done. 

 Here is a video of the Redfish I put together. Hope you enjoy!

Tight lines!



Derick Burgos