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Tarpon Strike

Posted by derick on June 22, 2015


  Greg S., 6th place winner of the 1st Annual Trophy Taker Outdoors kayak Fishing Tournament joined me for a special juvi Tarpon trip in the South Shore. Greg, teamed with his wife, Rachael wanted to know what the elusive "Baby King" was all about...

 This trip was a both a great experience as well as a great lesson learned on targeting young Tarpon way back in the muddy bayous. Greg missed up a few nice blasts by Snook on our way out and landed a few. That went on for quite a while and then the tide began to rise and with it, bad weather.

  That didn't stop us though. the more it rained, the more excited the fish got. Greg took this time to sight cast the fish as I pointed them out resulting him 4 solid hookups that came undone! (That's Tarpon fishing for ya! ).

  Rachel didn't strike out either. She was able to fight her first ever Tarpon that was quickly released (unwillingly) back in to the mangrove maze it came from. All this was done just before the "real" stormed rolled through sending us racing back to the launch.

  Needless to say, Greg and Rachael went home with smiles on their faces and memories that will last a lifetime!